Facts to Consider When It Comes to Teeth Whitening – Denver, CO

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What started the obsession with being white? It is probably because of the mindset that someone who has pale skin does not do manual labor or because they give the impression of being wealthy. The same thing goes with teeth. Well, who wouldn’t want a bright, white smile anyway? When watching TV or browsing through magazines, not seeing someone sporting a flashy grin is almost impossible.

Fortunately, there are several teeth whitening options available for people who want to achieve their smile goals. There are over the counter whiteners, DIY kits, natural methods, and professional teeth whitening. Since there are several options to choose from, some people are having a hard time deciding what to take advantage of. At Retro Dental Highlands, we highly recommend the most comfortable, safe, and effective teeth whitening options to our patients—in-office and at-home whitening treatments!

before and after teeth whitening treatment

To know more about teeth whitening, get to know these facts:

Not all products work the same way

How teeth whitening is done usually depends on the brand used. There are those who utilize a special light, while others use strips, trays, and even creams. At Retro Dental Highlands, we make sure that the type of teeth whitening we offer to a particular patient suits them the most. To make this possible, we advise them to schedule an initial consultation.

Results are not permanent

The duration of teeth whitening effects would usually depend on the practices the patient observes. The more they consume staining substances, the shorter the lifespan of the whitening outcome. For best and lasting results, patients are advised to practice proper oral hygiene habits and routine dental appointments.

Sensitivity after the treatment is normal

After a teeth whitening session, it is normal for patients to experience heightened teeth sensitivity temporarily. As a solution, dentists recommend the use of a fluoridated toothpaste to help bring back the nourishment of the teeth.

The teeth have pores

Believe it or not, the teeth, like the skin and sponges, have pores. Although this fact is impressive, this is the reason why the teeth are easy to stain. After years of consuming foods and beverages with intense colors, undergoing professional teeth whitening can help regain the teeth’s lost luster.

Contrary to what most people believe, teeth whitening is safe and comfortable. Especially if trained and experienced dental professionals perform or provide the treatment. So, instead of choosing cheaper yet ineffective methods, consider in-office or at-home whitening systems for favorable results!

Bring out your best smile with Teeth Whitening in Denver, CO, book your appointments with Retro Dental Highlands! Call us to experience excellent treatments to make your teeth naturally beautiful and healthy.